Fresh Knowledge and Real Practice

In New Media Studies there are no theoretical courses. Each of the courses combines the vibrant expertise. Here, all the knowledge become practice every day.
Here you learn about the reports and surveys immediately, get the camera and present it to your class, to your future colleagues.

On the instructions of experienced teachers, to the newsroom, to the studio, on air, on TV, on cameras, into the lights, on microphone, autocue, technicians, directors …

The vibrant knowledge strengthens you as professional and so you’re very early ready to pass the true scope. The teachers are your partners. This lively mixture of knowledge and practice, make every day different.

Here, you live the journalism and the media. Here you can change your life!


From the Classroom to the NewsRoom and in the Media

Here your practice is not a promised. It is a prerequisite completion of your studies.

New Media Studies creates professionals ready to conquer jobs.

Unlike other programs, in the third part of your studies, you do your practice in real working conditions. Fit into press groups
• take part in the meeting
• do reportage
• do montage
create campaigns, your job is meaningful.
This practice means real work, which is evaluated continuously. Here the practice is your ticket to the labor market.

In New Media Studies, we do not promise, we create real development opportunities.


Meritocratic rating system.
Here, the good ones go further.

In New Media Studies merit and distinction guaranteed through a comprehensive evaluation system.
For each course, there is separate detailed curriculum per hour.
Also includes:
• Weekly tasks based on the curriculum
• Semester Work
• Final exams

Personal Development – Teamwork

The work is sometimes individual and sometimes group and aimed at developing personal and team skills. Especially in media, personal skills are as important as the possibility of communication of your ideas with your editorial group. Either you are in Control Room, either in the Newsroom, either you do reportage, you are always part of a team.

Personalized Rating

The limited number of students gives us the possibility to evaluate individually and give your detail appropriate directions for your improvement.
Furthermore, the tests are a mixture of oral and written exams so that we have the most detailed picture of your studies.

The average of all the above sets the final grade for each course, which plays a role in the recommendations that you receive at the end of the program.


Flexible, designed to your measures

The program of New Media Studies is one of the most flexible, helping you complete your studies while:
•You work
• Attend other schools
• Perform your master or your doctorate

Now, you have the alternative of two parts:
• Morning
• Afternoon

So you can complete your studies easily, without having to sacrifice your job or further education.

Also the teaching hours have been chosen so to enable students to attend classes without having the stress of hours of work.
Special facilities shall be in student periods or in high working period, even in cases of travel abroad on business. Now you can complete your studies while in other schools or to upgrade your position in your work without interrupting it.

Now you can study alongside your work or other studies.


Showcase your work everyday

In New Media Studies, we do not promise. We have structured all the program, each course separately, but also your assessment, so basically so all your attendance is an ongoing opportunity to show your talents and skills.

Here you show your work to your teachers, to the leading professionals of journalism and media who are responsible for the staffing of TV and radio stations, communications departments and PR of the most successful companies.

Here we do not promise. We create real job opportunities every day.