Real work conditions turn knowledge into experience.

In the media sector, real work conditions are the most crucial factor of learning. In this context, the use of special technical equipment is what differentiates reality from theory. Getting familiar with the cutting-edge technology that the top media uses today is vital for the production of TV, radio or digital media content.

A first-class environment for practice, dedicated at the creation of professionals who are ready for the job market.

We have created the first specialized Media Building and we work exclusively with leading TV channels, radio stations, news and lifestyle portals, so that our students can get familiar with real work conditions. This investment in equipment and cutting-edge facilities is dictated by our own curriculum, according to which every hour of teaching is coupled with an hour of practical learning.

Here, you don’t imagine…You create like a professional!


500 m2


We created New Media Studies at the right moment, foreseeing the radical impact that digital media would have on journalism. Therefore, we designed our infrastructure and curriculum in a way that would give us the most fresh and innovative outcome.

A real newsroom in the heart of Athens, in the center of events. A building to host the future people of media.

Facilities that make you feel like a journalist from the moment you enter them.

  • Web TV Studio
  • Web Radio Studio
  • Montage Room
  • Mentoring Room
  • 2 Innovation Rooms
  • Digital Lab
  • Lobby
  • Free Wi-Fi Wireless

All technology at the disposal of tomorrow’s media experts.



In the center of events.
Close to the biggest media.
Fast and easy access.

In the heart of the capital and at a short distance from the most important med At the same time, the building of the Parliament, the headquarters of Public Administration and the most significant cultural events are within reach.
The campus of New Media Studies can be easily accessed by public transport, with its location being in the center of the main traffic arteries. As a result, students can get to class easily, fast, safely and at low cost – and avoid any delays. Two Metro stations, Ambelokipi and Megaro Moussikis and tens of bus lines in a 2’ distance from our campus.

Here you live the news every moment. You feel the pulse of events.

The campus of New Media Studies can be easily accessed by public transport, with its location being in the center of the main traffic arteries. As a result, students can get to class easily, fast, safely and at low cost – and avoid any delays. Two Metro stations, Ambelokipi and Megaro Moussikis and tens of bus lines in a 2’ distance from our campus.

Here you live the news every moment. You feel the pulse of events.


Innovation, Fresh Ideas, Creativity

Here you won’t find any classrooms. You will only find the newsroom of future journalists. These are our innovation rooms, in which our students’ fresh ideas become a reality.
By living every day inside a real work ecosystem, we promote innovation and team work.


Cutting-edge technological equipment in your own hands.

    • Cameras
    • Microphones for external use
    • Tablets and smartphones
    • Special audio and video equipment

They are all in your hands, available to use them, from day one.

Knowledge here is fresh – from the classroom straight to live broadcasting.

We provide cutting-edge equipment in order to transform learning into a life experience!



This is where the news is created.

Everything begins here…in the Newsroom.

Here you get the chance to live in the core of events.

All news from international media comes to your screen through specialized software. From here, you get access to the TV content of all media channels, both domestic and international.

New Media Studies is your own Newsroom, your own opportunity to excel.



One of the top TV studios is available for your use.

  • Βarco
  • Robotic autocue cameras
  • Lighting equipment
  • Μonitors
  • Camera cranes

Everything is here to capture the best picture.

Here you are a valuable part of the production process.

You learn how to live and move around the studios of preeminent media, how to use the cameras and the lights and how to check the final outcome like a professional does.

Real work conditions make you ready!



The control of a TV program is in your hands.

Control Room: the room from which all TV programs are managed. Communication systems that keep you connected with the studio, the presenters and the guests. External links with reporters and call interventions on air.

Every second matters.

This is where video titles are created in real time and the set of stories is shaped and constantly changing. Video and sound consoles and multiple monitors are used for the perfect end result.

The most advanced technology is in your hands.



Enter the virtual περιβάλλον of a Green Room.

Inside the Green Room, virtual reality becomes reality. Green Room is your own space, no matter whether you are presenting a weather forecast, whether you are giving the news from a TV window, whether you have to help in the creation of 3D animation for the visual representation of an event (e.g. 3D animation of an airplane crush) or you have to help in the creation of a 3D graph for a presentation.

One of the biggest Green Rooms at your disposal.

Autocue, audio and video monitors, robotic cameras and special lights are in front of you.

Now you are set to create!



Give your story sound and picture.

Montage Room. This is where sound and picture become the video that will be shown on TV and the internet. Here, every event and news become visual, become a story.

  • Media Player
  • Avid
  • Premier

Are some of the professional montage software that you are taught how to use and are used by the top media professional at the top media outlets. Get specialized on them and acquire a new skill set.

Special montage suites are at your disposal at the biggest TV stations.

Professional suites and consoles, monitors and sound systems are at your disposal in order to achieve the most adequate outcome. Create ypur own story, choose the frames that will bring your video to life yourself, pick the right music and watch your work appearing on the screen. Discover the art of montage and acquire skills that will advance your career.

Here you are given the opportunity to create video by using technical equipment.



Broadcast to the World

Web TV studio and Control Room at your disposal. The coupling of television and digital media has taken place.

Digital Control Room, Web Streaming, Software and cutting-edge technologies are in your own hands.

Here you are given the opportunity to specialize in WEB TV creation and to learn the specific elements of this new TV broadcasting platform.

Here you learn the television of tomorrow!



Here you do first radio program.

The studios of the biggest Greek radio stations are at your disposal

  • RED
  • Μelodia

You are on air…

News and entertainment stations open their doors. Sound consoles, playlists, professional microphones, livestreaming and anything else you need.

Here we don’t promise…We provide real work conditions.



Your voice is being heard all over the world.

Web Radio, the new era of radio is here. One of the most modern web studios is now at your disposal. Digital mixing consoles, digital microphones, digital play list and life streaming software are here for you.

Τhe most up-to-date web radio studio is here for you to record your first program.

Top technology is available for you to experiment, to learn how to create your own web radio.

Professional facilities that prepare the journalists of tomorrow.



PC, Tablets, Smartphones, Digital Cameras.
Here the power of Digital Media is in your hands.

Become tomorrow’s professional, the journalist of the future, for whom technology is an inextricable part of his everyday life and work. Here you learn to live in a modern, digital environment.


The power of digital technology is in your hands.

The first complete Digital Media Lab is fully equipped, with more than 20 PCs, tablets and smartphones.

With all the latest software at your disposal from the first day, you are able to turn the fresh knowledge you receive into action.

Hi-tech devices, specialist journalistic software, social media and research software give you the opportunity to explore more and more.

At New Media Studies, digital age is in front of you.